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Residential Housing Application

Click here to download a PDF of our residential housing application. Read the steps below that will be required of you.

1. You must provide a copy of your DD-214 ASAP.
2. To be a resident of the BDVC you must work a full-time job. We will help you obtain employment. You will be able to use our services as long as you are making an effort
to obtain employment. Until such time you will work at the BDVC.
3. If you are employed, upon arrival at the BDVC you must provide proof of employment and work telephone number to verify employment.
4. If you receive disability, contact the appropriate agency (i.e. VA, Social Security) have them provide a copy of your monthly award or provide a bank statement indicating
monthly direct deposit.
5. Resident medication is to be stored in your locker.
6. All residents will pay 1/3 of their income as rent to the BDVC. We encourage residents to put 1/3 of their income in a savings account for future use.
7. Residents are responsible for keeping BDVC clean and neat. The Director will assign cleaning, laundry and cooking duties each week. Beds are to be made each morning.
8. No food is allowed in the bedrooms.
9. No drinking of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or weapons are allowed on the premises.
10. Warning letters will be issued for failure to comply with BDVC resident instructions, policies, rules and regulations. The accumulation of three (3) Warning notices will
result in immediate discharge.